Thursday, January 17, 2013

Avoid Contributor user to edit home page in sharepoint 2012 Team site

This is contributor permission issue(sharepoint 2012 bug). Normally when you create Sharepoint 2012 team site, the home page by default create under "SitePages" library.

The contributor users on site can easily modify home page and change setting of webpart and layouts.
The key to that issue is in the description "customize Web Part Pages in document libraries ", and it's the "in document libraries " that's the problem. When a page is in a library, it is treated as a file or document. If the user has "contribute" or Edit permissions to the library storing the page then they have the right to edit the page.
In 2007 the home page (default.aspx) was stored outside of a library, so "contributors" did not have edit rights by default. In 2010 Team Sites the home page is stored in the SitePages library that inherits permissions from the site, and therefore contributors have edit rights.
The solution is to set custom permissions in the pages library. Just break inheritance and grant your team members View only rights and the Site Owners full control.

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